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ICYOLA welcomes young musicians of all skill levels. There are no auditions; no tuition; no competition for seats; advanced players mentor less skilled players; mentor-artists rehearse and perform with us, accelerating the learning process for all; every player performs and plays what they can because being immersed in this way also promotes growth.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have suspended our regular rehearsals and performances until further notice.  However, we are continuing our education program through on-line group lessons and sectional rehearsals made possible through the generous support of the Music Man Foundation.  We will continue offering our programs on-line until the nation’s public health is sufficiently restored to allow us to gather together again.

Please keep your eyes and ears open, and please watch this website to learn about our schedule as the coronavirus subsides.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can become part of our orchestra.