Founded in 2009, the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (ICYOLA) is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that transforms the lives and minds of young people in Inner City Los Angeles through high quality music and literacy education. It teaches inner city youth the great music of the world, and provides opportunities for them to perform that music in the most magnificent settings of the world. It prepares its members for advanced study and high caliber success in music, literacy and academics. It is open to talented young people aged 10-35 who play or wish to play an orchestral instrument.

To cultivate musical expression as a vehicle for personal development, and to bring to fruition the full musical and academic potential of young inner city residents of Los Angeles.

ICYOLA offers two programs: the ICYOLA Orchestra Program, and the ICYOLA Academy. The ICYOLA Orchestra Program features three orchestras that are differentiated by skill level and age.

The ICYOLA Orchestra, our largest and most celebrated orchestra, presents a regular Concert Season each year that features both the standard orchestral repertoire and contemporary music that resounds within the community that ICYOLA serves, and that culminates each year with a Season Finale Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. This orchestra boasts 131 members aged 18 and above.
The Intermediate Orchestra serves approximately 50 youngsters between the ages of 12-17 who have developed a basic level of competence, and performs reductions and/or simplified versions of the standard orchestra repertoire. The Beginners Orchestra serves 101 youngsters ages 5-12 and features students who are just starting their musical journey.

The ICYOLA Academy is our teaching program through which we teach music and literacy enhancement on the campuses of three Los Angeles Unified District Elementary Schools, and in the Winter, Spring and Summer, we offer Camps at various locations throughout Greater Los Angeles. Please visit our website to learn more: www.icyola.org

To teach youngsters in Los Angeles the great music of the world, provide opportunities for them to perform that music in some of the greatest settings of the world, and prepare them for opportunities to play in major American orchestras.

To learn and perform the great orchestral literature of the world, and equip minority youth, especially African-American and Latino youth, with the tools needed to join major American orchestras; and to present those young people to those orchestras as candidates for employment.

Accomplishment • Pride • Camaraderie • Confidence • Respect




6820 South La Tijera Boulevard, Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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213 788 4260
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